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Life Insurance from Goodlad & Swank Insurance Agency

No matter how old you are, life insurance is a great way to guard your family. Sometimes the tragedy strikes and you'll need to be able to help your loved ones with extra resources when it does. Reach out to Goodlad & Swank Insurance Agency to hear more about our life insurance products.

How Does Life Insurance Work?

Similar to other kinds of insurance, life insurance is an agreement connecting the customer and the insurance company who supports the policy. As you pay your premium consistently, the insurance provider will return a lump sum of cash to those listed on the insurance policy in the instance the policy owner dies.

Types of Life Insurance

Before you buy life insurance, think about the defining features of term, whole and universal policies. It's important to understand the right information about term and whole life insurance, particularly.

Term life insurance means you simply pay for a agreed upon length of time, and the benefit to your heirs only lasts for a set period. Whole and universal life insurance are the two most typical kinds of life insurance. These policies are permanent solutions, meant to endure the full of the owner's life. If properly set up, there are many perks to universal or whole plans, like quick access to saved resources, while also adding to the cash value, as it adds to tax-advantaged development of your savings.

There are pros and cons to each variety of life insurance policy Contact any of our Lehigh Acres insurance professionals to learn which life insurance solution is best for you.

Life Insurance Financial Benefits

Every retirement planning strategy has its share of pros and cons based on every client's specific background. Financial professionals will help you choose the best life insurance policy to reach your dreams over the coming decades.

Do I Need Life Insurance?

  • Your family can fund funeral costs without expense to themselves.
  • Supports any living children or dependents at home.
  • Complete outstanding debts and pay off expenses such as mortgages.

If you want to find out more details related to life insurance and how it protects your family, call Goodlad & Swank Insurance Agency of Lehigh Acres now.

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