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Life Insurance in Naples

No matter where you are in life, life insurance is an effective plan to protect your family. Occasionally the tragedy strikes and you will need to be able to help your family with additional security if it does. Reach out to Goodlad & Swank Insurance Agency to learn more about our life insurance products.

What Does Life Insurance Do?

Life insurance is a contract connecting a policyholder and an insurance provider. The customer pays a regular amount, referred to as a "premium", typically, and in return the insurance provider hands out a cash sum to the chosen beneficiaries under certain circumstances usually after the policy owner passes away.

Kinds of Life Insurance

Before you sign up for life insurance, you should know the defining features of the term, whole and universal policies. It's crucial to know the facts about the term and whole life insurance, especially.

Term life insurance is paid across an established amount of time, and your recipients only receive compensation for a fixed period. Whole and universal life insurance are the most common kinds of stable life insurance. These policies are permanent plans, set up to last the entire duration of the owner's lifetime. If properly created, there are quite a few advantages to universal or whole plans, like simple access to saved resources, while also keeping cash value, because it allows for the tax-advantaged development of wealth.

Both the whole and term kinds of life insurance have their pros and cons. Contact any of our Naples insurance experts to see which life insurance solution is best for your needs.

Life Insurance and Financial Benefits

Every retirement planning strategy has its pros and cons depending on each customer's particular history. The ability to evaluate which plan fits your situation is best left to a specialist.

Why Should You Purchase Life Insurance?

  • Forget the trouble of paying for funeral arrangements for your family.
  • Supports any surviving kids or dependents at home.
  • Complete remaining debts and finish off expenses such as mortgages.

These are only a portion of the reasons why life insurance is a wise purchase. Learn more details by contacting a life insurance professional at Goodlad & Swank Insurance Agency for a free life insurance quote.