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Retirement Income Strategies and Life Insurance

Regardless of your age, life insurance is an effective way to keep your family safe. Eventually you will pass away and you will need to be capable of helping your family with additional resources when it does. Reach out to Goodlad & Swank to hear more about our life insurance products.

How Does Life Insurance Work?

Like other policies of insurance, life insurance is an agreement between the policy holder and the insurance business who provides the policy. When you pay your premium consistently, the insurance provider will return a set amount of cash to the beneficiaries of the insurance plan in the instance the policy owner dies.

Kinds of Life Insurance

In general are 3 kinds of life insurance to purchase: term, whole and universal. When it comes to the difference between term and whole life insurance, it's essential to remember the truth.

Term life insurance is paid across a set amount of time, and the benefit to your beneficiaries only lasts for a fixed period. The two most common kinds of stable life insurance are whole and universal. These policies are continuous plans, set up to last the full of the policy owner's life. If properly created, there are several advantages to universal or whole plans, including easy access to your funds, while additionally adding to the monetary value, as it allows for tax-advantaged expansion of wealth.

Both the whole and term kinds of life insurance have their pros and downfalls. The professionals from Goodlad & Swank Insurance Agency will show you which policy works best for you and your family.

Advantages of Life Insurance

Your preferences will determine the most fitting life insurance policy for you and your loved ones. This is why partnering with a trained financial advisor is a necessity.

Is Life Insurance Necessary?

  • Remove the burden of paying for funeral arrangements for your family.
  • Cover the cost of children still living at home.
  • Settle remaining debts and finish off expenses such as mortgages.

These are only a few reasons why you should buy life insurance. Find out more details by speaking with a life insurance professional at Goodlad & Swank Insurance Agency for a free life insurance estimate.